Opinion: Senioritis is stupid

‘Senioritis’ is an often-used excuse that students use just to get out of personal responsibility, but often gets students in trouble instead


Lero Keller / The Noun Project

Seniors complain about senioritis all year long, but it gets particularly bad the closer students get to graduation. Senioritis, however, is just an excuse students use when they are suffering from another ailment: laziness.

Alayna Majkrzak, Opinions Editor

Assignment after assignment piles up for seniors. Math, science, English, history, and they just keep coming. Though this is no different than any other year. But this year, as a senior they have a new phrase at their disposal, this being ‘senioritis.’ ‘Senioritis’ is an excuse that students use to get by with not finishing assignments and it does not benefit anyone.

This is a common phrase within every classroom, and it is what seniors say every year, no matter how early into the school year. It is mostly used as seniors are tired of high school and are ready to move on with their personal lives onto more exciting things than what high school has to offer. But, the last year of high school is still important and the use of this excuse could end up having detrimental effects on senior classes for years to come. 

‘Seniorits’ will not always be an available excuse for seniors to use. As soon as they graduate from high school it will no longer be something that will be able to get them out of assignments. It will leave seniors with the impression that a lackluster excuse can get them out of a responsibility that is required of school. In the long run this excuse will harm a students work ethic by leading them to think they can avoid their personal responsibilities. 

Due to not turning in homework, it will have a negative impact on a student’s grades. Even if that student is a senior, it can lead to assignments piling up affecting their overall GPA. College’s seeing this will likely assume that this sudden drop in GPA for a consistent student is because of laziness. This will affect how colleges view a student, all because of the excuse of ‘senioritis.’

Not only does the excuse of ‘senioritis’ have a negative impact on seniors themselves but also the grades below them. Underclassmen who look up to seniors will see this excuse as something that is acceptable — and not only in their senior year, but in any year. The use of ‘senioritis’ as an excuse will lead to more students using it to get out of assignments because it’s considered acceptable. 

‘Senioritis’ is an excuse that is normalized in high school. This will only have negative effects on seniors and future students. It allows seniors to get away from their responsibilities that are actually just necessary skills like time management. There are only negative consequences to using ‘senioritis’ as an excuse whether the effects are in the present or affect the future.