What to know ahead of fall PSAT testing week

Juniors are scheduled to take the state issued PSAT on Oct. 25 in the Upper Campus main gym


Allie Everhart

While juniors will take the PSAT next week, other grades levels will learn test taking strategies or take time off. During early release days, teachers will host parent-teacher conferences.

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor

On Oct. 25, all juniors will take part in the state issued PSAT test. This will take place in the Upper Campus main gym, with some students having accommodations and testing elsewhere.

PSATs will be graded on a scale from 320-1520, with points coming from two sections. One section will be focused on math and the other will be English based.

“The P in this PSAT does not stand for practice… it actually stands for preliminary,” says Curtis Menke, the MCHS College and Career Counselor. “Although it’s not an official SAT, this test can have consequence to it. Nothing negative can happen to a student but there are many national scholarships as well as some distinctions that are tied to the results of this particular assessment.”

Students who are taking the PSAT should come equipped with a number 2 pencil, a calculator, water bottle and snacks as desired. 

Kate Watley, a junior at MCHS says, “Obviously no student knows exactly what’s going to be on the test; however, It’s not fair to expect us to get good scores when we have no idea what to study for.”

Some classes have been studying as a group in preparation for this assessment. “In the Junior College and Career Seminar class we have been studying for the PSAT and the SAT, so I feel confident that I am prepared,” says junior Aiden Wasik.

Sophomores will still be attending class as normal on the testing day whereas seniors will have a day off. During their day off, seniors are invited to attend an event at MCC called “Senior Day Off.” This event allows seniors interested in attending MCC a chance to check out their programming and get a tour of the campus.

Annual parent-teacher conferences will also take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Conferences will be virtual through Meet the Teacher, where teachers each have 44 ten-minute time slots available.