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On December 15, MCHS hosted their Winter Spirit Rally, where there were competitions to win the spirit barrel.

Seniors win first spirit rally of the school year

Lola Cassidy, Online Managing Editor December 15, 2023

As MCHS students and staff countdown to winter break, we head into finals week with some school spirit events. The spirit days consist of a Goose Chase, dress up days, and a spirit rally to close out the...

Seniors celebrate their victory during last year’s Powder Puff football game on Oct. 5 at McCracken Field. This year’s game will take place on Sept. 27 on the field.

Lights on

Lily Adams, Staff Writer September 27, 2023

The ball is snapped and set into play‭. ‬The sound of gym shoes swoosh on the turf‭. ‬The flapping of the flags in the wind can be heard for miles‭. ‬The Powder Puff players dash across the...

MCHS students celebrate the end of the year during prom at the Schaumburg Renaissance on April 28.

Gallery: Prom 2023

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director May 5, 2023

MCHS students attended prom on April 28, at the Renaissance in Schaumburg. Students had fun dancing, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends.  The theme of the prom was ‘Tale as old as time’...

Juniors and sophomores explore post-secondary options at the annual College & Career Expo on April 20 in the Upper Campus main gym.

Gallery: College & Career Expo

Tati Rubi, Staff Writer April 26, 2023

On April 20, MCHS held a College & Career Expo. This included around nearly 100 colleges and universities to explore in the Upper Campus first floor gym. Sophomores on that day all attended second...

While juniors will take the PSAT next week, other grades levels will learn test taking strategies or take time off. During early release days, teachers will host parent-teacher conferences.

What to know ahead of fall PSAT testing week

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor October 21, 2022

On Oct. 25, all juniors will take part in the state issued PSAT test. This will take place in the Upper Campus main gym, with some students having accommodations and testing elsewhere. PSATs will be...

Kristin Anderson is a junior from MCHS who thinks fondly of the days when life was simpler.

Humans of McHenry: Kristin Anderson

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer October 14, 2022

"I remember being at my mom's home daycare, playing with other kids. I think [I watched] a lot of PBS shows. There was one specific one. I don't remember what it's called, but it was teaching kids about...

Students celebrate the end of the school during prom on April 29 at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg.

Gallery: Prom 2022

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor May 2, 2022

MCHS hosted their first traditional prom since the start of the pandemic on April 29 at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, Ill. The beautiful venue, which dazzled upperclassmen and staff...

Though most think of student athletes as devoted students of their sports, having played and practiced for years, many students — looking forward to creating memories as upperclassmen — try a new sport their junior or senior year.

Running into a new sport

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor March 24, 2022

An upperclassmen has just tried out for a sport they have never played in high school before. While scared of the reality they are now at a high school level, they love and feed into the competitive atmosphere...

Rayaan Ahmed, a junior at MCHS, won the APLAC election at the Upper Campus. As part of his campaign platform, he advocated for mental health support at MCHS and all public schools.


Ella Trimingham, Copy Editor December 8, 2021

Groups of students sit in class creating a campaign trying to win over peers and get votes. The day of the election comes and anxious students sit waiting to hear the results. Rayaan Ahmed is the winner...

The juniors and seniors face off during the Homecoming Powderpuff football game on September 29 at McCracken Field.

Clash of the classes

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer October 1, 2021

Junior Sarah Duginske walks onto the field to warm up for her first ever Homecoming Powderpuff football game that she can play in. She is filled with hope and excitement for the chance to beat the senior...

Speaking at last years Chautauqua event, now-senior Allie Jacobsen calls on audience members to discuss political topics on November 15 in the West Auditorium. Jacobsen was the chairperson alongside fellow classmate panelists.

MCHS to hold annual Chautauqua event

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor November 18, 2019

The annual Chautauqua event will take place on November 21-22 in each campus’s respective auditoriums.  East and West juniors in Honors American Studies classes study all semester for the project....

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