Gallery: College & Career Expo

On Thursday, sophomores and juniors at the Upper Campus explored post-secondary options at the annual College & Career Expo

Juniors and sophomores explore post-secondary options at the annual College & Career Expo on April 20 in the Upper Campus main gym.

Tati Rubi, Staff Writer

On April 20, MCHS held a College & Career Expo. This included around nearly 100 colleges and universities to explore in the Upper Campus first floor gym. Sophomores on that day all attended second period and juniors attended third period both having the full 45 minutes to explore. Seniors had the option to attend and were encouraged if undecided or were beginning as an MCC transfer.

“The Career Expo helped me explore my choices for a specific major I want to go into,” Althea Polo, a sophomore who attended says. “I originally wanted to go out of state but now I know that there are colleges out of state that are suitable for my interests.”

This Expo allowed sophomores, juniors, and seniors to explore career and college choices they may be interested in. Asking questions like, “What academic programs are you known for?” or “What can I do to make myself a strong candidate for your school?” encourage students to really think about their future and what kind of things they want when it comes to college,university, or any other opportunity.