Gallery: Prom 2023

Students danced the night away during a “Beauty and the Beast”-themed prom last week at the Schaumburg Renaissance

MCHS students celebrate the end of the year during prom at the Schaumburg Renaissance on April 28.

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director

MCHS students attended prom on April 28, at the Renaissance in Schaumburg. Students had fun dancing, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. 

The theme of the prom was ‘Tale as old as time’ inspired by the classic Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast”. Roses and candlesticks adorned the blue and yellow table cloths while Belle and the Beast mingled with students. 

“I liked how they did the prom court – the idea where you open the boxes and it’s the characters, I thought that was something new, they didn’t really do that last year,” says senior Nevayah Munoz, “Overall it was fun, the music could’ve been better, but it’s still nice to have a fun time with your friends.”