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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

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Point-counterpoint: Worth the stress?

Point-counterpoint: Worth the stress?

October 25, 2022

Every year in the fall, MCHS juniors take the Preliminary SAT. Sometimes freshmen and sophomores take versions of the test, and sometimes eighth graders visit the school to take the PSAT 8. This year,...

While juniors will take the PSAT next week, other grades levels will learn test taking strategies or take time off. During early release days, teachers will host parent-teacher conferences.

What to know ahead of fall PSAT testing week

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor October 21, 2022

On Oct. 25, all juniors will take part in the state issued PSAT test. This will take place in the Upper Campus main gym, with some students having accommodations and testing elsewhere. PSATs will be...

This year, between balancing remote and hybrid learning and dealing with a global pandemic, AP students are under more stress than ever. The Collage Board has the power to relieve the pressure thats on them — and they should.

Opinion: The College Board should restructure the AP Exam

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer March 22, 2021

Tears wet the sleeves of a student as they try to cover up their crying face. Their homework is overwhelming, and they feel as if they barely have time for anything beside their AP classes. Their friends’...

Though standardized tests have long been a determining factor in a students admission to a college or university, the SAT and ACT have frequently been criticized for being biased against certain groups, such as minorities or low-income students.

Opinion: Standardized tests are still unfair

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer February 20, 2020

The SAT should no longer be used because it shows many forms of bias. For a test that essentially decides a person’s future, it is extremely unfair and outdated.  The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also...

MCHS students take two standardized tests during their junior year—the Preliminary SAT in the fall and the official SAT in the spring.

Juniors tackle PSAT

Kyla Henige, News Editor October 23, 2019

On October 16, East and West juniors took the Preliminary SAT exam in the libraries and main gym at the respective campuses. The PSAT exam is given to juniors in the fall prior to taking the official...

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