Senior Leaders start AIM dodgeball tournament for freshmen

Freshmen with positive grades are set to be rewarded during their AIM period


Josie Cable

Preparing to dip, dodge, duck, dive, and dodge, freshmen are being rewarded for getting good grades by having the chance to participate in a semester-long dodgeball tournament.

Josie Cable, Contributing Writer

During AIM, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is hosting a dodgeball tournament. The tournament is open to all eligible freshmen and started on November 8, continuing every Friday throughout the semester.

This tournament was created to bring the freshman AIM’s together and to get the students involved at the end of the week. Senior leader Bailey Musniski explains, “the freshman AIM’s are so separated and this would be a good way for them all to come together, find their friends, and get more connected as a whole grade.” 

The original idea came from senior Madison Wise, and “her goal was to make a tournament and create a bracket for all the freshmen so each of the AIM’s could compete against each other.” However, students that would want to participate cannot have D’s or F’s in any of their classes. Their goal is to make sure students are eligible and making sure they are trying hard in their studies along with checking their grades. “Let’s say someone one week isn’t eligible, if they can bring that grade up they are welcome to come back,” Musnicki explains. 

In order to keep the students engaged, the seniors are planning on creating another tournament next semester.  “We’re trying to figure out something with kickball and different activities, so dodgeball will most likely just be this semester but we might scatter it into next semester,” Musnicki predicts. 

The tournament will be held during AIM in Buckner Gym every Friday throughout the semester. All freshmen with all grades above a D are welcome.