Spring musical has sprung

Drama Club at MCHS kicks off its musical season with cast auditions for the musical in the spring


Rachel Kaminski

MCHS’s spring musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” will premiere in March. Students have already auditioned for the play, a process that can be nerve-wracking and empowering for young actors.

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer

Students of both MCHS campuses nervously watched as each student gave it their all in their auditions for the upcoming spring musical that is filled with various amounts of singing, dancing, and acting. The cast list would soon be decided.

Auditions for the musical cast were held at the Upper Campus auditorium after school on Jan. 4. Auditions were where the directors can see each student’s potential to find the right people for the right cast.

MCHS is putting on “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” for this year’s musical theater performance for the month of March. 

The musical comedy is about an eccentric group of sixth-graders arriving at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, each eager to win for various reasons, and yet the improv and element of surprise makes this a very hard but very fun show to both perform and watch.

Director and Thespian sponsor Andrew Hillier chose this specific production because of the small cast, flexible set, small pit. It’s an actor’s musical (focus is specifically on the character) and flexible enough to keep COVID regulations during performance. 

For those who have never done auditions, “There is an audition workshop where students can learn feedback and process,” Hillier said, “There are open auditions (where other students can see others audition) and during the process, students perform monologues, a dance and singing portion as well.” 

This show is very adaptable to the COVID what-ifs, so as to keep the actors and crew safe. Everyone will be masked, swing actors are on standby for multiple cast members and for multiple roles, ready for the worst case scenario. They are even prepared for the possibility of moving the show dates, moving it outside or to the summer/

Auditions were open to both drama clubs of the Upper and Freshman Campus, and the theater groups are now one thespian group and “family,” unlike how they were separate in the fall play season.

Sophomore Kaiden Henige explained, “My favorite part of auditions is the support I receive and give to everyone. Everyone in the theater community is typically very accepting and supportive, and I can’t imagine a life without ’em!”

He was looking forward to strengthening and making friendships, as well as further continuing his acting career. He was most thrilled to make an experience for the audience to enjoy.

Even senior McKenna Keegan added, “My favorite thing about auditions though, was seeing everyone’s talents and their takes on the characters they chose to audition for.” Keegan had always been on sound crew in previous years, so this was the first time she was really doing something out of her comfort zone. 

Auditions can be fun, but the stress, doubts, and even impatience that comes with the process can be daunting. Thoughts like, “What if I’m not good enough?” and, “I don’t think I’m going to get it” are common, making it harder to give it their all. 

Henige further explained, “The most stressful part of auditions is having doubts and being anxious, as well as waiting. The stress and doubts combined causes a lot of anxiety.”

The stress of remembering the complicated dances, long strings of monologues, and songs that require the utmost attention really puts pressure on even the most experienced of actors. 

I wasn’t too crazy nervous for auditions, but I was definitely worried about the dancing portion since it’s not something I’m the greatest at, but now I have an opportunity to improve those skills,” said Keegan.

After walking away from an audition, the tension was at an all time high as each and every actor waited and prayed for the character they put their heart and soul to. Until that cast list was posted on that auditorium door, the anxiety of even being in this iconic show was in the back of every actor’s minds after that audition. The day came, the minutes ticked by one by one, and that slick paper was displayed on those doors.