Opinion: The streaming apocalypse

The release of Disney+ confirms that streaming services are superior to cable


Kaylee Hogeut

As services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ compete, streaming has become more competitive, much to the benefit of the consumer.

Chase Creech, Staff Writer

Due to the high prices people were paying for cable, subscriptions to streaming services have become the more popular option for consumers. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV have made content that other streaming services have used to please their audience. These companies, all at their peaks, have caused a “streaming apocalypse.” 

The “streaming apocalypse” is the new modern form of companies trying to draw consumers to buy their subscription. This has been detrimental to other companies like Netflix who have been the trailblazers for this kind of service. Because of that, they have to acquire and make more content so that the shows and movies they have are only accessible on Netflix, they lost an additional $2 billion dollars (total debt $12.3 billion dollars). 

Some of the largest media and entertainment companies transferred from cable becoming successful as streaming services. Most notable companies who transferred include Disney and HBO. Since the internet is more prevalent for consumers; colossal amounts of people have found it more “conventional” to use their phone and buy these subscriptions since their inexpensive and it can be watched on the go. A survey taken by TiVo in North America by a satellite bill showed that over 25.5% of repondants pay between $51 to $75 US dollars and 9.5% pay an average of $150 a month. With these streaming services, someone could pay around $20 per month for subscriptions which is accessible and affordable. 

The content that is provided on these streaming services are more appealing to consumers than cable. Subscribing to a streaming service can be great because most of the new content that is available is mostly relevant and most of the time these companies will flush out older and renew the content so that it is more appealing to the populace. A prime example of this is the Netflix Original series “Stranger Things” the content is more appealing to the younger generation of kids and some adults. Netflix producing movies and series is alluring, and people can’t get enough of their content. 

With companies like Netflix having their own series and Disney+ having “The Mandalorian,” they have been extremely successful because those shows are exclusive to consumers. This means that if someone wants to watch those shows, they have to buy a subscription to that streaming service provider. In 2018, DIRECTV lost over 1.2 million subscribers to Netflix in the United States because of the dominance and the significance that streaming services have to people. Over the past eight years, Netflix has grown quarter by quarter leading to the detriment and loss of subscriptions to cable. 

Multiple subscriptions to these streaming services that appeals to someone is a better option than buying cable, and it’s more affordable for people that have budgets. Meanwhile, there will be an immense amount of support for streaming services that may eliminate cable in the future.