Playlist: Summer sunshine sounds

Looking for some new music to jam this summer? Our playlist of diverse jams that will help you discover your song of the summer.


Summer is one of the best times to listen to music since the songs we listen to most get tied to the memories we make and adventures we take.

With the 2022-2023 school year coming to an end, everyone is looking forward to the warm weather of summer break. Of course, no summer break is complete without some good music to go along with it, and The McHenry Messenger has gathered 70 songs to act as the soundtrack to your summer break. Here are some of the highlights. 


“Semi-Charmed Life” – Third Eye Blind

Starting with a classic, good vibes song. The upbeat drums and punk guitars are filled with nostalgia, and it’s the perfect song to scream with the windows down. It’s bright and happy, and resembles the excitement of school getting out, which makes it a great opening track on the playlist. 


“My Own Summer (Shove It)” – Deftones

  The guitar is brooding, almost defiant, and that carries over into the lyrics. The song is dark in tone and feeling, but despite that it’s theme is a yearning for freedom, and that spirit is one present throughout the songs here. It’s unique, maybe even jarring, but a crucial addition. 


“Could You Be Loved” – Bob Marley

Summer is a time for love and fun. No song symbolizes it more than this one. The guitar carries a groove through the song surrounded and supported by keys and drums that feel like watching the sun set. The group vocals only make the feelings of togetherness more apparent, and what’s a summer playlist without Bob Marley? 


“Everybody Loves The Sunshine” – Roy Ayers Ubiquity

Summer break can’t be all energy all the time. Sometimes you need to find that shade, and catch your breath, and this song is a breezy, calm, track. It paints a picture of flowers and bright imagery that makes the listener feel at home. 


“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Tears For Fears

This 80’s staple brings the spacey drums, guitar, and a free spirited nature. Whether you’re staying home this summer or going on a grand vacation, this track will make it feel luxurious. Its reputation as an iconic oldie makes it feel nostalgic and comforting. 


“Paper Planes” – MIA

This track, however more recent, is still a throwback, and it brings the nostalgia just the same. The lyrics mentioning flight and wanting freedom are matched with rebellion and it brings a powerful, hopeful energy. It’s protest is joined by a catchy sound that makes it memorable and enjoyable. 


“Survival Tactics” – Joey Bad***

The first true blue rap song to join the mix also brings the themes of rebellion. Somewhat darker and more aggressive in tone, it changes the warmth that has carried us thus far into a more intense heat. The lyricism and drums that flow perfectly together makes it intriguing, and a sure fire way to bring some energy to your summer break. 


“I Get Around” – 2Pac

A hip-hop throwback, this song brings a groove that cannot be contained. 2Pac’s flow is carried along by the funky production with braggadocios and sometimes sarcastic lyrics that exude confidence to such a degree that it may rub off on the listener themselves.  


“Summer Depression” – Girl In Red

With all of these good vibes going around, it’s worth noting that sometimes you’ll have down moments. We’ve got some more calm, introspective songs for that too. Whether summertime literally or figuratively rains on your parade, this track brings a calm, introspective feeling that can allow you to get in touch with yourself when needed. Its smooth, breezy, and a good break in the more upbeat group of songs. 


“This Could Be Us” – Rae Sremmurd

Back to the upbeat tracks with this song focusing on that summer fling you may or may not run into during the break. It also works well for a shot of energy into a party, or a pick me up after a long day. The production is extremely high energy, but it doesn’t feel jarring. It’s just a bop, plain and simple. 


“What’s Happening Brother “- Marvin Gaye

Finally, the end of the playlist sees a much more soothing, calm track, rounding out the amounts of energy within the playlist. This soulful track has a windy, sweet production style, but shines best in the lyrics and vocals by the legendary Marvin Gaye. I feel it urges the listener to enjoy themselves. Life is a complicated thing, and the world is just as complex. It acts as a call to the listener to live your life to the fullest despite the chaotic nature of the world.


Whether you’re driving with the windows down, headbanging, enjoying time at the beach, going on a vacation, sleeping in, or partying hard, we have all of the songs for you. We wish the students at MCHS a lovely summer break, and hope that this playlist will make it memorable.