Messenger Mixtape Track 09: “Blind” by Korn

What tunes are the staff of the McHenry Messenger listening to? This week, Korn and their nu-metal track “Blind”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Nu-metal of the 2000’s has seen a resurgence recently and along with it, the newest addition to the Messenger Mixtape, submitted by yours truly, “Blind” by Korn has seen a resurgence. Released in 1994 as the opening track on their debut self named album, this song has seen some renewed popularity, which I believe is well deserved.

The song, in theme for Korn, is a dark and distorted metal track. The sharp guitar and incessant drums make the atmosphere intriguing and near disturbing, but in a good way. The striking riff is one of the main reasons I picked the song.

Vocals, done by front man Johnathon Davis, are equally as distorted and dark. His mumbling, almost whining vocals throughout the verses are contrasted by his well done metal screams done on some choruses, and he also boasts a deep range that allows for bass-y vocals that only improve the soundscape of the track.

Lyrics wise, the song is almost a mission statement for what their self titled project would be. Johnathon sings about low self esteem, mental health issues, and his attempts to escape it. The instrumentals surrounding this only add to the general vibe of the song and it all meshes together to make a great track.

I personally like the song for its darkness and how potent the themes and atmosphere are. The nu-metal sound is executed perfectly, as expected from a band that pioneered it. Maybe not for everyone, but with its return to alternative culture, it might be a fun track to check out.

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