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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

HBOs new spin on the Scooby Doo franchise is a messy misrepresentation of the classic characters

Review: Jinkies! Another bad reboot

Beth Brackmann, Contributing Writer March 13, 2023

With the first season being released on January 12 of this year, HBOMax’s new show “Velma” by Mindy Kaling has been met with a very poor reception. With a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and 1.4 on IMDB....

The popular Netflix show Wednesday is a fun, morbid extension of the classic spooky film series, The Addams Family.

Review: I prefer to be vilified

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor December 22, 2022

Netflix’s new spin on “The Addams Family” was released on Wednesday Nov 23 and was met with marvel and excitement from audiences across the world. “Wednesday” is the talk of the town, sharing...

Netflixs original cartoon Dead End is not only fun because of its colorful illustrations and dark humor, but because of the way the show represents so many groups who are not normally prominent characters in cartoons.

Review: Just keep it to yourself darlin’

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director December 15, 2022

Hamish Steele’s “Dead End: Paranormal Park” is a Netflix original about a theme park called Phoenix Park that’s infested with demons and angels, and the humans who run it. This show also features...

Heratstopper has quickly become a beacon of LGBTQ+ representation in the media, and has drawn in plenty of teenage fans.

Review: Say ‘Hi’ to ‘Heartstopper’

Alayna Majkrzak, Opinions Editor May 20, 2022

"Heartstopper" came out on April 22, 2022 after people had been waiting since it had been announced. It’s wildly popular due to the iconic comics that center around teenagers finding who they are and...

Inventing Anna tells the story of one of Americas biggest frauds, Anna Delvey.

Review: A flawless fraud

Beth Brackmann, Freshman Correspondant April 18, 2022

“Inventing Anna” has been on Netflix’s “Top Ten”  for weeks, also rising to the number one spot of The Nielsen’s  “Top Ten Streaming” this show has brought new people into the world of...

Euphoria depicts the most extreme versions of the teen experience, but is it too extreme?

Euphoric or horrific?

Bri Quast, Staff Writer February 16, 2022

“Euphoria”’s dazzling makeup, dark drama, alluring characters, eye opening cinematography, unsettling scenes, and soul wrenching music by Labyrinth has captured the fascination of this new generation,...

Review: Devoting your heart

Review: Devoting your heart

Freedom Tomasello, Staff Writer February 10, 2022

With the hit series Attack on Titan coming to an end with the drop of the final part of season four, released on Jan. 16 after the anime being in action for almost 10 years. We’re re-introduced to many...

Arcane shows bright colors and a beautiful art style accompanied by a dramatic story line to keep you occupied.

Review: You’re a Jinx

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor January 5, 2022

Dystopian family drama, a battle with oneself, and a debate of morals are things that make “Arcane” such an amazing show. “Arcane” was released in November 2021 in three acts, the first being released...

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