Review: I prefer to be vilified

Netflix’s new spin off of “The Addams Family” is a perfect blend of mystery and malcontents as it follows Wednesday and her misadventures at Nevermore Academy



The popular Netflix show “Wednesday” is a fun, morbid extension of the classic spooky film series, “The Addams Family”.

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor

Netflix’s new spin on “The Addams Family” was released on Wednesday Nov 23 and was met with marvel and excitement from audiences across the world. “Wednesday” is the talk of the town, sharing the best parts of the morbid girl that hails from the Addams Family. 

“Wednesday” is a dark and twisted mystery that follows Wednesday Addams and her misadventures at her new school, Nevermore Academy. The school, fittingly titled after the Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Raven,” is a gothic dream, with spiderweb windows, gargoyles, and secret passageways. 

The role of Wednesday Addams is played by Jenna Ortega, who manages to bring some form of morbid warmth to the character. Ortega began her acting career on disney channel, but has quickly expanded into more intense horror films. Named as one of this generation’s scream queens, Ortega focuses on all of the details when it comes to the characters she plays. As far as Wednesday goes, Ortega goes the extra mile to avoid blinking throughout the duration of the show. In addition, she researched 80s gothic style dances in order to choreograph her own dance for Nevermore’s “The RaveN” dance. 

Some of Wednesday’s counterparts could use a bit more development, but overall the characters offer an entertaining and charismatic twist to the show. Enid Sinclair is Wednesday’s quirky roommate, who brings a lot of color and energy back into the dark void that is “Wednesday”. The wacky cast of characters also offers two love interests for Wednesday, a misunderstanding teacher, and a mean-girl-esque rival.

The costuming on “Wednesday” is some of the best costuming I’ve seen recently. It perfectly captures the essence of Gen-Z fashion while still offering an outlandish twist to each character. Wednesday’s black and white color pallet sticks throughout the show, but takes many different forms. Between checkered sweater vests and ruffly, black dresses, Wednesday’s costumes perfectly reflect her character. Enid’s costuming is also incredible, often being the antithesis of Wednesday’s in silhouette and color, adding bright pinks and yellows to the show. 

Though the story is very obviously targeted towards teenage audiences, “Wednesday” offers an exciting mystery that all ages can enjoy. The show may be too morbid for young viewers, but it makes the perfect show to binge with older families. Murder, betrayal, and romance all blend together perfectly to create the vail of mystery that makes “Wednesday” a perfect spin off of the iconic story that is “The Addams Family”.