Review: Devoting your heart

Attack On Titan is back and better than ever with the last installment of the final season


MAPPA Studio

Freedom Tomasello, Staff Writer

With the hit series Attack on Titan coming to an end with the drop of the final part of season four, released on Jan. 16 after the anime being in action for almost 10 years. We’re re-introduced to many beloved characters and reminded of the horror filled fantasy that the show has to offer. 

Attack on Titans return will follow Eren Jeager who is the prime focus of the series. When the character first appeared he had just slaughtered thousands. With this knowledge we watch as the conflict arises between him and the rest of the world with his blatant war crimes and murders from the once innocent protagonist. Many theories have bloomed from the trailer introducing season 4 part 2 giving the show more attention as the time passed. 

In the newest season, we see the change of animation style due to the new use of CGI and the company Mappa taking over. The old animators, Wit, had dropped the show due to lack of time and poor scheduling. With the change in animation, many old fans had mixed feelings about the vast difference in studios. Although Mappa had taken over in order to “give the show a proper ending it deserved” many people were upset. The art style did drastically change making the jump from seasons 1-3 to season four hard for some viewers. 

Each new episode brings fresh surprises, arguably good enough for the finale of the series. The series, being one of the most loved and in-demand anime’s in the world, has definitely earned these labels. Every episode leaves fans amazed at the immense talent put into the show, not only from the author but from the entire team of animators and voice actors too.

Although the excitement is high for the ending of the season, many fans were lost in the long break between the parts. Between the release of part one and part two of season four was roughly 2 years. The break caused many fans to become impatient and give up on the series as a whole. Due to the loss in traction, the series did lose popularity during this time but quickly got it back with the release of season four.

Attack on Titan is certainly a binge worthy show and worth the watch. With the horror aspects along with fantasy and drama, it makes for a great first anime or even a great new series for avid watchers.