West’s new wing one-third complete

With the foundation almost complete, construction crews hope to finish by the end of 2020


Lukas Metropoulos

Though construction broke ground in September, the structure that will make up West Campus’s new wing began taking shape at the beginning of second semester.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

As the school year reaches its final stride, East and West campus is one step closer to finishing construction for the campus change occurring in the 2021-22 school year.

The construction at the west campus has been on schedule and is getting worked on every day. About 90% of the foundation for the new wing is already laid out, meaning that section ‘a’ of three sections is almost completed. After construction ends on the base of section ‘a’, the construction crew will go ahead and begin to work on phases B and C.

“I really feel strongly that this is going to be a real source of pride not just for the school, but also for the community,” says superintendent Doctor Ryan McTague. “Not to mention,  it will also be the catalyst to bring our school finally together as one.”

During these next few months, construction will continue on, and begin working on the shell of the building, beginning with the masonry and steel. This means that the construction crew is looking to finish the full outside so that they can begin interior work.

“Hopefully by the end of the year we will have the new wing fully shelled in so that we can begin working on the inside and each individual room in the new wing of the building,” says McTauge.

Along with things being made for the new wing, due to classes carrying over from East, and taking on more classes, the school has to make room for them. This means moving more classes or rooms in the main building around. 

“An example of this [circumstance] is how we have to construct a new art room because if we don’t, it would get lost in the new construction. More rooms like this include the child development room, and we’re looking to build a new Student Services Office,” says McTauge. “So there are sections in the existing building that we are going to have to remediate, and build-out to accommodate the transition that’s going to take place in about a year and a half.”

With construction moving with no delays (as of right now), the new wing of the building is expected to be finished around November or December of 2020. Because of the construction, West Campus will shut down during the summer to remediate the mechanical systems.