Winning in JV

The McHenry JV Boys Basketball team is looking to finish the season strong to conclude the success they have reached


Mackenzie Sroka

The JV boys basketball team meets in a time out during a game against Jacobs in the Upper Campus main gym on Friday.

Hunter Blake, Staff Writer

Dribbling the ball down the court, 5 seconds left on the clock, losing by 2 points, a JV boys basketball player passes the ball to his teammate on the left and gets himself open to receive the ball. It is passed to him with one second left and shoots for a 3 to win the game, the crowd then goes silent then celebrates as it goes into the net.

The JV boys basketball team had its ups and downs to start the season with a 9-8 record currently, but have been playing their best basketball all year during their 3 game winning streak where they have outscored their opponents 153-92. Social science teacher and Head Coach Daniel Glick has been pleased with the way the team has played this year, as well as the players overall confidence and play on the court.

“A major change [I feel] from this year to last year, for most of our players, is confidence. They believe and trust in themselves and each other on the court to make the right plays,” Glick explained.

Not only have players had better confidence this season, they have improved this season compared to last season as well.

“The win against Crystal Lake South was a great overall team win because we had many players contribute in a big way to beat a very good team,” stated Glick “It was also a great representation of all the hard work everyone on the team has put in every day for the last few months. Because we played them previously in a tournament and lost by double digits.”

Glick hasn’t been the only one who has noticed improvement around the team this season, Braden Friedle, a JV sophomore guard, feels the team can keep up the momentum that they have had on their recent winning streak through the rest of their season.

“I feel like we have played very well obviously with some off days, but overall very well compared to last year,” described Friedle.“I feel if we put in the effort and bring the same energy that we have been, we can finish the season on a big winning streak.”

Individual play has also been an important factor this season. Players have made improvements not only on the court, but to themselves and their teammates. Rylee Parks, a JV sophomore forward, has noticed his improvement on the court  as well as his teammates’ improvements.

“I think [personally] I’ve improved a lot since last year. I’ve performed pretty well, but I still like to improve everyday and keep working hard each and every practice” stated Parks.

Parks has also noticed improved team chemistry and that it has been very important in the recent play of the team.

“I think our team chemistry has increased a lot this season as it has gone on and compared to last year it has definitely improved, ultimately causing us to improve on the court,” explained Parks.

Throughout the season, the team has learned and grown together. This has improved many aspects of their team, as well as the record of the team. With each win they are one step closer to a better record and finishing the season how they want.