West chill zone offers space to cool down

Located near student services, the ‘Chill Zone’ provides stressed out students a space to decompress


Colton Rasnake

In the Chill Zone, students will find a quiet space with comfortable places to sit and calming decor, including a bubbling fish statue.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

At the beginning of the school year, West Campus added a special room to the second floor where students can relax, talk to therapists or friends, or even sit alone when feeling stressed. 

Known as the “Chill Zone,” the room is located by the student services office at both campuses and is open all day during school hours. This room is meant to help reduce stress levels, relax students, and it is a safe place for students to talk their emotions away. 

Not many people know about the Chill Zone because it hasn’t been formally announced. “The Chill Zone is a place where you don’t necessarily need to talk to somebody,” sophomore Ben Hartmann says, “but it’s a place where you can regroup and just allows them a spot to chill and then go back to class.”

A dimly lit room with lava lamps and other calming accessories, the Chill Zone provides students a variety of tools to calm down, such as memory foam toys, sand, puddy, and an “angry” pillow. It also provides a space for students to talk to social workers and school psychologists.

Hartmann has never been to the Chill Zone and has only recently learned about the space. Once students hear about the Chill Zone, they tend to have mixed opinions on it. “Since the room is open to everybody, I think that the room can be abused with people faking anxiety and social issues, which is wrong to do, but will happen,” he says, “But nevertheless, it is a good idea.”

Veronica Eggert, one of West Campus’s social workers is less worried about these concerns. “It’s open to all students,” she says, “but we monitor how much they come in the Chill Zone so that we make sure that it isn’t being abused.” Eggert believes that this room will be able to help students to open up to counselors and get them to feel safe and like they are able to talk about their feelings.

Other students feel that the Chill Zone provides more benefits than risks. “I think it’s also a good idea because if students are having a hard time in school they can go sit down, relax, and maybe get help while they’re there,” Emerson Gasmann says.

The staff and faculty at MCHS want to ensure that every student feels safe, and they encourage them to stop by the Chill Zone if they feel stressed, need to chill, or are having any other issues.