Gallery: Chicago’s Columbus Day Parade

MCHS’s Marching Warriors spent a long day preparing for and marching in Chicago’s 70th Columbus Day Parade on Monday

Members of MCHS’s Marching Warriors prepare for Chicago’s 70th Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 10. The band took a bus downtown, gathered on Upper Wacker Dr. and marched down State St.

Eli Frommes, Staff Writer

On Monday, MCHS’s marching band performed in the 70th annual Chicago Columbus Day Parade in downtown Chicago. 

In this parade there were floats, bands, and marchers. They were marching up Wabash and state street.

A lot of work into preparing for the parade by both the students and band director.

“We had to load the percussion instruments and sousaphones in a trailer,” freshman Henry Fitzgerald says. “We would carry our lunch, uniform, [and] instruments.”

The band has gotten better on their fundamentals and parade form with the parades they have done, including the Homecoming parade, and its competitions. The Marching Warriors won a competition at Grayslake North last month.Band Director Ryan Cabildo says, “A lot of the fundamental skills were already solidly there; it was just a matter of deciding what music to perform in what order and adding some additional visual effects to snazz it up.”