Con: Let’s celebrate one holiday at a time

Instead of rushing to get Christmas decorations up, take it slow and enjoy each holiday before they’re over


Annapatricia Cruz

There’s a holiday between Halloween and Christmas called Thanksgiving. Let’s celebrate each of these holidays one at a time and make the most out of them.

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor

During the beginning of November, people already string lights and hang wreaths. Although the holiday gets everyone excited, it’s no fun to rush it. With Halloween just ending and Thanksgiving still to come, the Christmas decor can wait a few more weeks.

Stores make lots of money during the holiday season which is the reason most are advertising decor earlier and earlier every year. This allows people to go out and get their Christmas decorations as early as October! Although stores make it seem normal to start following Halloween, sources say the most popular and socially acceptable time to decorate, is the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Setting up Christmas decorations in early November ends up neglecting Thanksgiving. The holiday has its own decorations and period to celebrate. So we shouldn’t let Christmas, which is almost 2 months away tamper with it. “Now is the moment for reveling in fall leaves and cozy sweaters and apple cider—and then, in a week or two, the early stages of Thanksgiving menu planning. I’m in no hurry to usher in Christmas, because before we know it—in the blink of an eye!—the holiday season will all be over,” says Ariana Davis from Oprah Magazine.

Decorating early also dwindles the special feeling the Christmas season brings by only happening for a short time once a year. Starting as soon as Halloween ends, will leave decorations sitting there to collect dust as you wait nearly two months for the holiday to actually come. “Part of what makes the holiday season so special is that it’s just that—special. It’s a brief, magical period during the year when we all get to unapologetically indulge our childlike selves,” exclaims Davis. Rushing to hang decorations makes the holiday less special especially when you’re still snacking on Halloween candy. 

Especially during the holidays, society moves at such a fast pace that sometimes people don’t sit down and enjoy every moment given. This is why we shouldn’t rush the holidays by starting too early, but instead take time to enjoy every season while they last. Amy Salter from explains, “I feel like we as a society always look for and plan for what’s next instead of stopping and enjoying the present moments that God has given us,” she said. “We live in a very fast pace and just don’t stop to enjoy and give thanks for what we have and the moments we are given.”

“Christmas creates such a sense of wonder, and why wouldn’t you want to experience that as long as possible?” says Amy Mayfield from This is true, Christmas is an exciting holiday that brings nostalgia and joy for many. However, by starting as soon as possible you end up passing by Thanksgiving and waiting longer. There’s no need to start during the fall season when you will have plenty of time to celebrate.

Always thinking about what’s coming next makes it difficult for people to stop and enjoy what’s right in front of them. This is the same with decorating early, trying to rush past the fall months won’t bring you to Christmas any sooner. So instead, take a moment to enjoy every holiday and season before they’re over.