Gallery: Mock trial

After their criminal law unit, Youth and the Law students apply their knowledge in a mock trial

Students partake in a mock trial held in Youth and Law on December 2 in room 320 at the Upper Campus.

Vanessa Moreno, Staff Writer

Students participated in a mock trial about a 16-year-old student who went to a party, drank, walked home and froze to death. After learning about proceedings before, during, and after trial, students fulfilled the roles of jury, judge, bailiff, clerk, witnesses, and lawyers for Mr. Bud Weiser, the defendant tried for second degree manslaughter and delinquency of a minor. 

“This is a way for students to use the content from the unit in the student-led court proceedings,” writes John Lunkenheimer, the Youth and Law instructor. “It is also a good transition to our last unit, Juvenile Justice.”