Gallery: Senior Honors Night

Class of 2023 was honored with academic and athletic achievements and in total earned over $5.5 million in scholarships

Nikki Sisson, Managing Director

Wednesday in the Upper Campus gym, select seniors were invited to the Upper Campus main gym for Senior Honors Night, an event where they were presented with medals, certificates, and scholarships for all their hard work in high school.

“My favorite part about Senior Honors Night is always the looks on the faces of students when they hear that they are receiving a scholarship, and also watching friends lift each other up in celebration,” says MCHS Principal Dr. Jeff Prickett. 

Seniors received honors, high honors, and highest honors medals, and the seal of biliteracy medals to wear at graduation. Students were also presented with certificates and plaques for awards relating to performing well in certain departments and athletics. 

Prickett says, “I love it because it is a night unlike any other that we participate in — clear proof that anyone can achieve at high standards with hard work.