Gallery: Winter spirit week

Students celebrate the holidays by dressing up for spirit days during this StuCo-hosted tradition

Students participate in Ugly Holiday Weather Day on Dec. 9 during the last day of spirit week at the Upper Campus.

Alexis Velazquez, Staff Writer

As the holidays and end of the semester approach, the Student Council has created Winter Spirit Week to increase student and staff morale.

During spirit week, each day has a corresponding theme for students and staff to follow. For this week, the themes are PJ Day, Will Ferrel Day, Decades Day, Anything But A Backpack Day, and Ugly Sweater Day.

Spirit week kicked off with PJ Day on Monday, Dec. 6. Throughout MCHS, students and staff were seen sporting their most comfortable clothes. This day allows everyone to get their work down while being warm and comfortable. Many appreciated getting to stay in their pajamas during this cold weather.

Students and staff showcased their Will Ferrel themed clothing this Tuesday. Will Ferrel is an American actor commonly known for his role in “Elf.” This film is among favorites for the Christmas season. Throughout the day many were sporting Elf-themed merch and some even dressed up as Buddy the Elf, the main character in “Elf.” This day surely got everyone excited for the holidays.

On Dec. 8, students and staff will travel back in time with Decades Day. This theme has been a hit at MCHS in previous years and is a student-favorite. Seniors dress up as the 70s, juniors as the 80s, sophomores as the 90s, freshmen as Y2K (the 2000s), and staff as 2020. The 80s and 90s are among the best as students always come up with the most show stopping outfits. Also, many students are curious to see what staff does with the 2020 theme.

Arguably, Nothing But A Backpack Day has caused the most excitement among students. On this day students trade the backpacks for anything else. In the hallways, students can be heard discussing what they are going to bring. From shopping baskets to purses, this day will surely be interesting.

Lastly, MCHS will conclude spirit week with a classic: Ugly Sweater Day. On this day students and staff try to find the ugliest, most obnoxious sweater they can. With giant bows, bells, and pom poms, these sweaters will be a sight to see.

So far, students and staff have been actively participating in the dress up days. Students and staff are beyond excited to see the creativity on Decades Day and Anything But a Backpack Day.

Additional reporting by Vanessa Moreno