Humans of McHenry: Angie Garcia

Meet senior Angie Garcia, who has fought through past traumas and injuries to become a better person


Savannah Drost

Garcia is a senior at the Upper Campus who has learned to rely only on herself — but who is willing to fight for the people she loves.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer

“I would say there’s a new challenge every day. Family life, personal life. challenge every single day. I would say [I overcome] those challenges. A childhood memory that shaped me was I got into a car accident. I have been involved in [a lot of] car accidents all gravely injured [and I’ve learned] you can’t really trust the people you’re supposed to. A better memory would be another reason of like how not to trust people: I lost my little sister about two years and I had to fight to get [her] back. [The happiest moment was] when my little sister was born. She was the reason I had to fight, and she’s the reason why I fought my depression, I currently no longer have.”