Opinion: The Chicago Bears should move to Arlington Park

Moving to Arlington Park will benefit both the team and their fans, but also the community that surrounds it


Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune / TNS

Arlington Park International racecourse in Arlington Heights on Sept. 29, 2021. The Chicago Bears have signed a purchase agreement for Arlington International Racecourse, the near-century-old facility that likely hosted its final horse race last year.

Hunter Blake, Staff Writer

A Chicago Bears fan prepares to watch the game that they have bought tickets to. They are excited for the game to begin for the Bears are playing at their home field Soldier Field in Chicago. But the stadium is old and in need of renovations, and the fan soon realizes that after sitting down in his seat. The Chicago Bears should move out of Soldier field and into a new stadium located in Arlington Park because it would benefit the team and fans.

Back in the fall of 2021, the Bears signed a purchase agreement for the Arlington International Racecourse property in Arlington Heights. The Bears are buying the 326 acre property for 197.2 million dollars. The team says that they have full intentions to dismiss the proposals from the city to renovate their current stadium Soldier Field because of their agreement to purchase Arlington Park.

The Bears should move out of Soldier Field and to Arlington park because a new stadium bought and built by the Bears team, all the profits would go directly to the team. For example, as of right now the Bears do not own the restaurants/ businesses around and located near Soldier Field, which means they are not making the extra money from the restaurants, but a move to Arlington Park would mean that since they own all the property around the stadium they could build their own restaurants and make extra money from the profits of the people eating at them.

Another reason the Bears should move out of Soldier Field because the new stadium would include a dome, which Soldier Field does not currently have, and it makes it arguably less appealing to play at according to players because of the brutal temperatures during the rough Chicago winters. A new domed stadium would also host more fans than Soldier Field currently does, Soldier Field currently has the lowest amount of seats in the entire NFL, with only 61,500 seats when other stadiums have over 80,000 seats.

The Bears should also move to Arlington Park because it is projected that the new stadium would gain 16 million dollars each year in annual tax revenue. The new stadium would also generate more potential jobs for people working in or near the stadium, and the city of Arlington Heights and the Bears organization would benefit from the profits from the stadium.

Some Bears fans think the Bears should stay in Soldier Field because they have been playing there for nearly 100 years. It is also a  tradition that they keep playing within Chicago, but Soldier Field is in dire need of new renovations and has the least amount of total attendance in the entire NFL and is not generating any new money for the team.

The Bears should move out of Soldier Field because a new stadium would open up more opportunities for the team to generate revenue and would help the city of Arlington Heights to generate more money, carry more seats for more fans to attend the games, keep winter cold out with a dome,  and the restaurants around the stadium could generate revenue for the team.