Opinion: Blink’s back, but not all fans are happy

Blink-182 reunites yet again and announces new music after years of hiatus, but their new single “Edging” may be angling too hard for old fans


Kevin Winter / Getty Images / TNS

From left, musicians Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 pose at a press party in West Hollywood, California, in 2011. DeLonge is rejoining the band for a world tour next year.

Preston Boysen, Staff Writer

In October, pop-punk band Blink-182 announced a new song with original guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge.  

Fans seem happy that Blink-182 has made a return, especially with DeLonge once again in front of a mic, but not everyone is as fond of the new song and music video. 

This wasn’t the first time this happened. DeLonge left the band two decades in a row, the first time in 2005. Delonge decided to leave the band for the sole reason of wanting more family time and finding new opportunities. 

Scott Raynor, the original drummer of Blink-182, was also removed from the band back in 1998 due to his addiction to alcohol. He was replaced with current drummer Travis Barker. 

In 2015, when DeLonge decided to leave Blink-182 for the second time, he was replaced by Matt Skiba who was a part of the Alkaline Trio. Mark Hoppus was also battling with cancer which also ultimately ended the band’s ties. 

Blink-182 announced that DeLonge would rejoin the band and that they will return to performing and producing more songs together.  

 They also released a song with the title “Edging,” which gives a modern but also old-school pop-punk feel. 

The song sounds a lot different from their original style of music, and not many people are too fond of the new song. The song has a catchiness to it, with the lyric flow and the guitar riff. However, there is some slight autotune to the song which loyal fans may find unenjoyable. 

They also brought back their middle school humor, which is something that Blink-182 fans have missed over the years. The music video is also pretty different from what they have done in the past—it feels too professional and choreographed. Blink 182’s music videos have always told a story, but with this music video it feels too chaotic and it doesn’t tell much of a story at all.