Opinion: Twitchcon was poorly planned and executed

Fans are furious with this year’s meet and greet with their favorite content creators


Claire Guzman

Fans were disappointed by the way Twitchcon was organized this year. Organizers botched basic logistical and safety decisions and ruined special meet and greets with famous social media influencers.

Claire Guzman, Staff Writer

Twitchcon returned to San Diego for the first time since 2019 where favorite content creators got to meet up with their fans. But it didn’t liv

Recently, (previously faceless) Minecraft YouTuber Dream has done a face reveal, which quickly made headlines across the internet. Fans have been waiting for this for years and now have the chance to meet him in person. Twitchcon, a semi-annual gaming convention, has finally been set up in the U.S. Since there was big hype on Dream and his friends being there, attendance for the event skyrocketed with fans. Knowing this, the staff still did not prepare enough for this gathering and made this Twitchcon very scuffed.

Once this event was on, swarms of fans immediately rushed in to try to get seats before they ran out. The room that the staff set up was way too small for fans to fit, most of them had to be outside the seating room and not even get a chance to ask questions. On the contrary, the last Twitchcon in Europe was housed in a convention center that fit ten times the amount of fans compared to the one in the U.S. Not only was the limited space uncomfortable, but a fire hazard, if an emergency had taken place, this shows why they aren’t doing their job properly.

Additionally, this year’s staff not only violated simple safety guidelines, but made experiences not worth the time nor money spent on this meet and greet. Conventions and other special events like this are rare occurrences that may only happen a few times a year. When event organizers don’t plan ahead, it can lower the experience for people by not wanting to go there again or wasting money for a time not worth it.

Though, it wasn’t entirely the staff’s fault, some of the attendees were exhibiting inappropriate behavior because of the lack of security. Some were crowding content creators while they were trying to leave, some even camping outside the hotels they were staying in. If there was more security to guard the people, this would have been prevented.

Now, not all conventions, and events go this bad. The Twitchcon from last year was set up pretty well and was largely well received. Sometimes, some staff may be not aware of certain things that take place for content creators to gain a sudden boost in popularity. Though, certain things could have been avoided, like the lack of space and seating for not just the fans but content creators as well. In fact, some streamers who attended the event mentioned misgendering at the hands of the staff.

Even though this event didn’t go as planned, there is always room for improvement for the next Twitchcon. Hopefully other conventions take note of this and help their fans have a fun and safe experience.