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“Spiderman: No Way Home” makes a nostalgic but heartbreaking addition to the MCU


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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has been one of the most anticipated films since the last in the series, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in 2019. The film goes far beyond meeting viewer expectations.

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor

Warning: This review contains spoilers

With three years since the dramatic ending of  “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” fans went into the newest addition to the MCU with high expectations and and even higher hopes for the fate of the beloved Peter Parker. 

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has been raking in money at the box office and for good reason. The film not only looks fantastic but revisits old villains and storylines that feel so very nostalgic. It has been 20 years since the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie came out, so it was the perfect time to revisit the story of Tobey Maguire’s awkward and clumsy Peter Parker. And with the excitement that Andrew Garfield has built up over his new movie musical “Tik Tik… Boom,” it was also the perfect time to reintroduce his version of the Amazing Spider-Man. 

At the end of “Far From Home,” viewers were shocked to find that Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man had been shared with the world by Mysterio. This cliffhanger ending left fans shocked, but also helped to build anticipation for “No Way Home” more than anything. At the beginning of the movie we see Peter begging Dr. Strange to muster up a spell that could make the world forget he is Spider-Man. Peters never ending additions to the spell cause it to lose control and begin to pull in anyone from the multiverse who is aware of Spider-Man’s identity. 

I do think that the villains in this movie are introduced and dealt with too quickly. It’s hard to build suspense when the conflicts are being introduced and solved almost just as fast, however this is a minor detail in comparison to the film’s story and drama. 

I spent my weekend rewatching every Spider-Man movie, starting with Sam Raimi’s 2002 film “Spider-Man” and going up through the 2014 film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” After revisiting these films it became so much easier to understand the small details in “No Way Home” that make it so exciting for die hard marvel fans that have been waiting for the revival of their favorite characters. From MJ’s fall to the little quirks of the villains, it makes it easier to understand why people would clap in the theaters or scream at Willem Defoe appearing on their screen. I think it’s hard for newer marvel fans to really appreciate everything that “No Way Home” brings to the table, but even so, the movie still makes an amazing addition to the MCU. 

There are some small plot holes that have been discussed endlessly online. The biggest one I’ve been pondering is at the end of the film. Just before the entire world forgot Peter’s identity, Peter and his friends didn’t even attempt to plan a way to remember each other. A note or a specific Peter-related artifact (Like MJ’s Dahlia necklace) could have solved the entire conflict and make Peter a little less alone. I am excited to see how they handle a solo Spider-Man without his team, but I think that they could have come up with a painfully simple solution to his closest loved ones forgetting who he is. 

In addition to this, the current iteration of Spider-Man has become increasingly dependent on Stark technology. Now with Tony Stark dead, and the remaining Stark Industries affiliates forgetting about Peter, how is he going to keep up as a tech free Spider-Man? 

Theories, headcannons, and memes have been swirling around the internet for weeks, so it’ll be exciting to find out what’s true and what’s only a rumor in terms of Peter Parker’s future. All in all, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was an incredibly suspenseful, dramatic, and heart wrenching addition to the MCU. Any Marvel fan should definitely watch it, but even the most casual of Spider-Man enjoyers should consider taking the time to watch this movie.