Standardized testing week ahead for freshmen, sophomores and juniors

Except for seniors, all MCHS students will take part in state-mandated testing this week


Kennedy Tetour

MCHS juniors will take the PSAT on April 13. The next day, freshmen and sophomores will take the PSAT. When they are not testing, students will either learn asynchronously at home or will enjoy a day off from school.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

All juniors will partake in the school day SAT on Wednesday, per Illinois and MCHS graduation requirements. Freshmen and sophomores will take the PSAT on Thursday. Both days will be an early release. 

The SAT is a standardized test measuring a student’s skills in critical reading, writing and math. College admissions often review scores when admitting students. At MCHS, scores also impact achieving Distinguished Warrior Scholar status.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, most U.S. colleges and universities went test-optional. However, students can still benefit from a good score.


“Once you get accepted into a university,” states English and College & Career Seminar instructor Heidie Dunn, “most colleges offer merit scholarships based on SAT scores. So for [college-bound] students, the SAT still helps them get money for college.”

Due to the growing unimportance of the SAT, some students believe it is no longer necessary to stress over scores.

“I think [the SAT] shouldn’t be stressed as much and heavily focused on as schools have made it,” states junior student T.J. Haws. “Many colleges are test-optional [and] you can just discard your score.”

Others see the importance of a good score but believe classes like College & Career Seminar have prepared them for the test.

“I feel like the Khan Academy and College and Career [test prep] is actually helping,” states junior student Grace Goss. “Outside of school, we have our own lives, so sometimes [we] don’t have enough time to prepare for certain tests.”

On Wednesday, students should report to their testing classroom posted on the 2023: Postsecondary Resources Schoology course. Freshman, sophomore and senior students will learn asynchronously from home.

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The PSAT, to be taken by ninth and 10th graders on April 14, also tests skills in critical reading, writing, and math. According to College Board, scores help students get early feedback on college and career readiness.

“Remember to answer every question [on the SAT or PSAT],” states Dunn. “Every question you leave blank is an opportunity where you could have gotten something right just by guess. On the reading passage, look for the ones you can answer without reading the passage.”

Except for juniors with accommodations who will finish the SAT, Thursday will be a day of non-attendance for juniors and seniors. 

To conclude the week, Friday, April 15 will be a day of non-attendance for all students.