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At 6th annual Poetry Slam, students speak their truth

Enrique Roble won crowd favorite and the overall competition with his poem “Is This Life Really Mine?” at the 6th annual East Campus Poetry Slam.
Chase Creech, Staff Writer February 18, 2020

The 6th annual East Campus Poetry Slam took place on February 7 in the East Campus teaching theatre and featured performances presented by East sophomors and last year’s winner Caleb Schopen.  East...

Let’s hear it for the spirit

Curtis Menke, former Student Council Advisor and lover of school spirit, sits with his beloved Spirit Barrel.
Gianna Matassa, Editor - West Campus May 1, 2019

 Spirit rallies and pep assemblies have always been the heart and soul of school spirit from middle school all the way through high school. But what do you do when the spirit rallies and pep assemblies...

McHenry principal seeks to make difference in community

Dr. Jeffry Prickett stands in front of the McHenry Warriors sign, showing his spirit.
May 1, 2019

Not knowing what to do with his life, he chose the one thing he thought he’d never do, become an educator. Now, with 15 years of principal experience, five years of teaching, and three years of being...

Spanish students attend weekend field trip at Art Institute

Students at the Art Institute Field Trip on Feb. 16
Madison Loewe, Editor - West Campus April 2, 2019

On Feb. 16, Spanish teachers Jordan Deener, Otto Corzo, and 36 students from the upper-level Spanish classes extended their learning beyond the walls of MCHS by taking a trip down to the Art Institute...

Girls lacrosse team makes debut at MCHS

A map and player's positions on a typical lacrosse field.
Sydney Murrin, Editor - West Campus March 22, 2019

McHenry Community High School has filled a void in their athletic program with the addition of a girls lacrosse team that will be making its debut this spring. The team will be coached by West Campus School...

East Campus’s Mr. McHenry cancelled by supervisor

Main entrance to East Campus.
Logan Von Allmen and Meier Glab, Staff Reporters - East Campus February 27, 2019

Mr. McHenry, the annual winter talent show and pageant, has been canceled at East Campus this year, due to lack of student participation. The show, which historically has run independently at both...

Resisting the ache to vape

Photo courtesy of
Madison Loewe and Jack Lischewski February 27, 2019

Like many schools across the nation, MCHS is experiencing a vaping epidemic. While the student body has long been aware of the trend, faculty awareness was more limited, allowing a number of students to...

Students and staff prepare for upcoming changes in district

District 156 Superintendent Dr. Ryan McTague discusses the referendum at a community event in the fall.
Chase Creech, Staff Reporter February 27, 2019

With the passage of the referendum in the fall, East Campus will become a freshman-only building and West Campus will house all sophomore through senior level classes in the district.   With these...

Student stress on the rise

Andy Maye, Eleanor Stolzman, and Autry Hartfield are teaching their AP Physics II class during second hour with creative pictures.
Madison Loewe, Editor - West Campus February 27, 2019

Some say high school is like a pressure cooker. In 2019, many high schoolers are under an immense amount of stress. Many high schoolers must juggle both their school work and a job and struggle...

Hidden homelessness

Teachers Ashley Diedrich and Emma Theel promote the Food For Thought Program with some of their student members at the Freshmen Extravaganza in February.
Gianna Matassa, Editor - West Campus February 27, 2019

In District 156, there are more than 1,000 students who call McHenry home. However, a portion of those students does not have a house to go home to.  When the term "homeless" comes to mind, often people...

Lack of agendas has little impact on students

Gianna Matassa, Editor - West Campus January 24, 2019
At the beginning of this school year, District 156 stopped providing agendas for their students. When I originally began this story, I thought losing the school-provided agendas would be a horrible thing, but as I researched the process, I began to rethink my stance on this issue.
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