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Putting on a show

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor March 25, 2021

A student hits the play button on a video for their English assignment. Their own teachers who are now characters in the classic “Romeo and Juliet” are performing the play for their students. Although...

Empty, socially distant desks wait in the West Campus south foyer for students to sit and eat their lunches — one of many ways the past year felt different to students.

One year later

Emma Snyder, Madison Harvey, and Mackenzie Sroka March 12, 2021

SARS-CoV-2, more commonly known as coronavirus or COVID-19, has completely turned the world upside down. What started as a distant virus spreading through China quickly became a global pandemic. The world...

Colleen Eddy prepares for Mental Health Friday on February 10 in the dance room at West Campus.

Better help

Alayna Trimingham, Copy Editor February 12, 2021

A student sits in class, overwhelmed and unsure what to do. They have tons of homework and just need a period to rest. Days are stressful, especially with lots of homework and the current pandemic. Many...

Though he has played a variety of roles throughout his tenure at MCHS, college prep instructor Kris Hokinson has made a powerful impact on his students.

Hele mai ho’ohiwahiwa

Kyla Henige, Managing Editor February 9, 2021

Many students go through their day at school with teachers who  aren’t as enthusiastic and don’t try to make connections with each individual student. But student who take college prep instructor...

A student sits on her Chromebook during an in-person class at West on January 27., one week after MCHS back from a semester fully remote.

Hybrid continues strong despite challenges

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer February 2, 2021

After starting returning to school January 20, many students and teachers say that hybrid learning is going well, and should continue as planned as they work out problems.  While teachers figure out...

Though many are concerned about COVID-19 and their physical health, MCHS's social services department has created the Virtual Calming Room to support the mental health East and West students — even if they're not in the building.

Virtual Calming Room available for everyone

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor February 1, 2021

Experiencing a different type of learning throughout this school year has affected students' anxiety and stress levels. To offer relaxing solutions during these uncertain times, MCHS’s Virtual Calming...

Though teachers are ready for hybrid learning, they have also switched roles several times since last spring — transitioning from in-person teaching to mostly asynchronous last year, then by teaching daily on Zoom, and now to a mix of in-person and remote during hybrid learning.

Rising to the challenge

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor January 27, 2021

Walking down that unusually empty hallway during passing periods, teachers wave to students and grin behind their masks, happy to see students back in the building. Knowing that they have a unique responsibility...

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Ask Elle: Confronting the new

Elle Smith, Staff Writer January 26, 2021

Dear Elle: I'm so nervous to go back to school. This year, I have been doing school in my pajamas, in my bed, almost every day. I like my house. I learn better being home with my dog, and my little brother....

Being a teenager is already stressful enough, and the pressure added by the pandemic has made it so much worse. When parents add to this stress by being too pushy, research shows that it can have a particularly negative effect for a teenager.

Opinion: Parents just don’t understand

Kyla Henige, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

A student wakes up to his alarm at 8:30 a.m., waking him up for his first class of the day starting at 9. While going through the school day, the student stresses about all his homework, helping his parents...

The storm, which will start Monday night, is expected to drop between 4 and 7 inches before noon on Tuesday, when the Winter Storm Warning ends.

Winter weather shuts down in-person learning for January 26

Emma Snyder, News Editor January 25, 2021

In response to the winter storm warning, both MCHS campuses will be closed on January 26. No students will be in the building for in-person learning.  Instead, students will have classes remotely and...

Remote learning has been tough for everyone — including teachers and parents — but it has been most difficult for students both younger and older. When older siblings step up to help younger siblings with their school work, life has not only become more complicated, but also more rewarding.

Essay: Sister parents

Emma Snyder, News Editor January 25, 2021
There have been many challenging aspects over the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the lives of people across the globe. Everyone has faced their share of disappointments, struggles, and grief...
Students return to East and West Campus starting January 20, the start of second semester, to begin hybrid learning. As many things return to “normal,” students will need to adhere to new rules involving mask-wearing and social distancing.

Hybrid’s happening

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director January 20, 2021

Starting second semester, students have the option to remain remote or begin hybrid learning. Regardless of what option a family chooses, students will need to adjust to new schedules, new guidelines,...

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