Opinion: Vandalism has become its own pandemic

Students at MCHS and throughout the community who damage property deserve the discipline they receive


Nikki Sisson

Bathrooms at the Upper Campus have been closed on and off due to vandalism, but this isn’t the only place in on campus — and in the community — where vandalism has become a problem.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

Recently, there have been multiple cases of vandalism around McHenry by immature students giving MCHS a bad rep. A majority of it is coming from the schools, but it is also being done in businesses and MCHS’s very own McCracken Field.

Vandalism is disturbing, in a school especially. When students put vile messages or images on anything, ranging from bathroom stalls to items in the classroom, it just shows their immaturity and lack of respect for others and the school. Not only is it morally wrong, but in a high school where everyone is treated and wants to be treated like a young adult, it makes teenagers, in general, look bad and irresponsible. It makes teenagers look like they are a bunch of immature children. Not adults.

Not only have students been vandalizing stalls and other things throughout the school, but they have been performing “devious licks”, a trend commonly known on TikTok. This trend is where students destroy or steal items from the school, ranging from soap dispensers to doors. Although this challenge hasn’t been as severe as other schools, there have still been reports of objects being stolen.

When students are participating in juvenile behavior because of trends, it motivates them to do it more, because they see popular people doing it and may think it’s funny, or maybe they just want views and likes on social media. Either way, students, or anyone for that matter, should not be glorifying vandalism or “devious licks,” because it causes trouble, and nothing good comes out of it.

McHenry’s biggest form of vandalism was done on McCracken Field. A student drove through the gates and onto the football field, tearing up the grass and damaging the property. This led to the parents of the Jr. Warriors, current football players, and the community to be distraught. The student who vandalized McCracken was identified and arrested the previous day.

Although vandalism is something that cannot be avoided, students should learn and understand that it is immoral and immature, and the consequences are not worth it.