Gallery: Rocket Relays

Last week, boys and girls track teams took the gold at the Rocket Relays at Richmond-Burton

MCHS’s boys and girls track teams swept the Rocket Relay at Richmond-Burton on April 27.

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor

On Thursday, April 27, girls and boys varsity track went to Richmond-Burton for the Rocket Relays. At the meet, they dominated and became the Rocket Relay champions. 

Not only were there relays at the meet, but it was a regular track meet at Richmond-Burton Rockets. The track team as a whole beat the Rockets, with many of the players reaching success and personal goals.

“Our team as a whole was able to come out on top for the Rocket Relays this year, and our coaches were more than happy to see that, seeing how competitive this annual meet is,” explained Kyle Stojak. “Overall, seeing how well we performed at this meet, I feel that our team is going to be strong for the next several years to come.”

The team plans to build off of defeating Richmond Burton going forward in their season as it nears its end.