Messenger Mixtape, Track 01: “Sunset” by Nayeon

What tunes are the writers for the Mchenry Messenger listening to? This week, neo-soul/k-pop star Nayeon, and her song “Sunset.”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“Sunset,” submitted by senior Kennedy Tetour, the Messenger’s Managing Editor, is a calming and fittingly bright song by south-Korean pop star “I’m Nayeon” (or just Nayeon). The song, off of her 2022 self-titled album, takes inspiration from R&B and neo-soul, and it’s inspirations pour out of the chord progressions with overwhelming color, with Nayeon’s voice beautifully layered above it.

While the song’s lyrics are almost completely in Korean, I encourage you to look up the translation. Nayeon writes about a love interest that she knows is not good for her, but she can’t let go fearing being alone, comparing the subject of the song to a sunset, beautiful at first but fleeting. 

“I honestly think that even without understanding the lyrics, the song is so heartfelt and beautiful. With how soft the music is and how powerful the vocals are, it really just is a hard hitting, emotional song.” said Tetour. I can’t agree more. Regardless of if you can understand the lyrics, the point gets across through the instrumentation that is, in contrast to the lyrical topic, breezy and calming. If any song were to feel exactly like a sunset, it’s this one. 

A lovely listen that is calming but introspective, colorful and nostalgic, and spilling over with bright sounds while never being overwhelming. 

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