Messenger Mixtape, Track 02: “When Ur Gone” by 916frosty

What tunes are the writers for the Mchenry Messenger listening to? This week, hip-hop artist 916frosty, and his song “When Ur Gone”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“When Ur Gone”, a 2021 single by 916frosty, is a wonderfully upbeat and nostalgic song. Submitted by staff writer and business director Lydia Lawrence, the song features a slightly distorted, bright combination of pop-punk guitar and drums with beach rock influences that combine together into a little dash of summer that I think we all need entering into the cold holiday season. 

That nostalgic feeling, thinking of seasons passed, is shared by Lydia herself. When asked about the song she cited nostalgic memories of her and a friend listening to the artist, and I think that perfectly exemplifies the feeling of the song as a whole. The distortion of the song resembles a fuzzy but comforting memory, with ambient sounds in the background reminiscent of a party or gathering. 

The lyrics are (by my interpretation, although I encourage you to listen and come to your own conclusions) almost an admittance or acceptance by 916frosty. The artist sings “and I know life gets you down sometimes but I need to let you go” and further “on a Sunday afternoon I wanna make a change but I don’t know how.” It comes out as if the artist is reminiscing on days past and is accepting that, no matter what, he can’t change them. However, it isn’t sad, or regretful. It’s almost cheerful, as if he is at peace with it, and that is a very comforting feeling.

Additionally the lyrics can feel uplifting. Frosty sings “I just wanna tell you something, I’ll miss you when you’re gone.” and “baby you don’t gotta pretend ‘cause I love you for a million reasons.” This places the listener into the seat of someone the artist really cares about and not only does this make the song more personal feeling, but it also feeds into the homesickness and reminiscence, almost like the artist is experiencing something he knows he will look back on fondly. 

All in all, the song manages to tackle themes that could be melancholy, but with a calming and cheerful tone, and the instrumentation reflects that as well. I recommend this one highly, it’s genuinely a joy to listen to.

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