Messenger Mixtape, Track 03: “Cashout” by Fugazi

What tunes are the staff of the Mchenry Messenger listening to? This week, rock band Fugazi, and their track “Cashout”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“Cashout” by Fugazi, off of their 2001 album “The Argument” is a post-hardcore rock song submitted by Dane Erbach, the advisor of The McHenry Messenger. The song is dark, brooding, and boasts minimalistic rock instrumentation that really increases the melancholy feeling, and has equally cold lyrics speaking against the system. 

Vocally though, I feel this song stands out the most. It begins, and continues during the verses, with a quiet and phased out vocal melody that drones on. It’s spacey and feeds the atmosphere. This is contrasted with the screaming in the chorus, a metal influence that perfectly adds to the song’s passion and tone. 

Lyrically, the song sings about an eviction and the system that carries it out. The writing and the protest it represents is well represented by the rest of the song, and all in all really rounds it all out. “The elected are such willing partners. Look who’s buying all their tickets to the game. Development wants, development gets — it’s official. Development wants this neighborhood gone so the city just wants the same.” are just some of the lyrics. 

By far the standout of this track is the production. Its minimalist approach to rock sound is executed perfectly, with a simple drum beat, bassline, and a guitar line I can only describe as unnerving, but in the best way. “It’s got a great beat and a weird guitar melody that goes from muted to explosive in the chorus,” said Erbach. 

This song is a great example of how great music can be made with simplicity. The atmosphere and tone of the track is very well done, and I highly recommend it to any grunge, punk, or metal fan for that matter.

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