Tune In To This: Bears in Trees

The prolific London-based band Bears in Trees plays a brand of indie rock that easily serves as the soundtrack for tough times

Alayna Majkrzak, Features Editor

Whether it’s the transition from being a child to a teenager or a teenager to an adult, everyone experiences growing pains. This is what the indie rock band, Bears in Trees seeks to explore by using their own personal experiences.

Bears in Trees was created in Southern London. It was started by the two childhood friends Callum Litchfield and Iain Gillespie. Nick Peters, who is Bears In Trees current guitarist, was in a band with Litchfield and Gillespie prior to Bears In Trees. The last puzzle piece, their drummer George Berry was added to the group then after. 

EP’s and Albums 

Their first EP was released in 2015 with the title of, “Let’s Sleep On It.” Though, it has since been removed from most streaming services as they don’t feel it reflects their sound well anymore. 


“Just Five More Minutes” (2017)

Number of Tracks: 12

Running Time: 42:39

Type: Album

This was Bears in Trees debut album. It set the tone for the rest of their works in the future. It discusses the growing pains of life and how their new perspective affects every aspect of who they are as a person. Their debut album was their most influential and is still the one to first grab people’s attention. 

“Just Five More Minutes” Honorable Mention: “The 411”


“Bit’s n’ Pieces” (2017)

Number of Tracks: 9

Running Time: 10:56

Type: EP

This EP reflects how many of us feel. How many people feel as though they are missing something within their lives. It also follows how many people feel disappointed within their own lives because they don’t truly know what they are going to do. Whether it’s in the past, present and future. There are many mixed emotions that come along with this EP, but the lyrics are obviously heartfelt and the writer has very clearly been through these things they are discussing before. 

“Bits n’ Pieces” Honorable Mention: “I Have A Headache”


“Fly Out to Alaska” (2018) 

This song was released in 2018 as a single. 

“Fly Out to Alaska” is upbeat and is about thinking about one’s future and pining for it. This song is about self reflection and following through with what you want in life. It’s upbeat and features various Austrian slang terms making it a great and unique song and experience. 


“Sitting Pretty” (2019)

“Sitting Pretty” by Bears in Trees is a song about finding your people and bonding over your similar habits. As everyone has their little habits that only their friends know of, it makes it very relatable. It is upbeat and is a song you would want to dance with your best friend to at 3 a.m. 


“I See Blue” (2019)

Number of Tracks: 5

Running Time: 13:38

Type: EP

This EP revolves around the bands time that they spent at university. It explores the growing pains of newfound adulthood as well as how hard someone can be on themselves. “I See Blue” shows how the bands transition from being a teenager to an adult went and the harsh reality that they had to face. 

“I See Blue” Honorable Mention: “I Am Cold”


“I Want To Feel Chaotic” (2020)

Number of Tracks: 5 

Running Time: 16:29

Type: EP

This EP focused on coming to terms with oneself, specifically the worst parts of their personality. This includes the scary things that many people don’t want to acknowledge about themselves: self doubt, fear of losing themselves, no one remembering you, and a fear of slowly withering away.

“I Want To Feel Chaotic” Honorable Mention: “Reverberate”


“Keep Me Safe” (2020)

Number of Tracks: 4

Running Time: 13:36

Type: EP

This EP, along with “I Want To Feel Chaotic” lead to a new era for Bears in Trees. This EP was used to explore how living can sometimes be more painful than death for some people. It gives light to both the point of view of someone clearly struggling with their mental health as well as showing the point of view of the people around them. This EP is deeply emotional and relatable to anyone who has ever felt this way. 

“Keep Me Safe” Honorable Mention: “Ibuprofen”


“Flowers Through Concrete” (2021)

Number of Tracks: 2

Running Time: 5:23

Type: EP

This EP, though it’s the shortest, does have a good message along with it. It’s about learning to live, having hope, and learning to like living

“Flowers Through Concrete” Honorable Mention: “Evergreen”


“and everybody smiled back” (2021)

Number of Tracks: 13

Running Time: 40:16

Type: Album

This album highlights the growing pains that people have to go through. It also follows many personal experiences of the band. The album deals with the topics of relationships, and death as well as life. Many of the songs are upbeat even when dealing with very heavy topics. Bears in Trees second album allows many people to feel solace within it. 

“and everyone smiled back” Honorable Mention: “I’m Doing Push Ups”


Bears in Trees is a band everyone can relate to. Everyone has been in a transitional period in their life and relating to that time in people’s lives is what Bears in Trees is amazing at. It is easy to tell that one of them (if not all of them) had been at a low point in their lives and talking about it with people who related was a way to cope. Bears in Trees is well worth a listen especially if you or someone you know and love have dealt with mental health issues.