Tune Into This: Dogpatch

Seattle’s psychedelic indie rockers Dogpatch shows that the best music comes when two minds come together


Sam Strawbridge

Dogpatch released their most recent single “Slug​ //Mushroom” earlier this summer.

Alayna Majkrzak, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Anger is a common human emotion. It is something that every person can relate to. While many artists delve into the emotion, tearing it apart to the core to find the root of a problem, Dogpatch, an ever evolving band, does it in their own way.

Dogpatch is a Seattle-based band that started in 2019, and is composed of 21-year-old Tylo Gardner and 22-year-old Will Purcell. They met during college, and started a band to express emotions that many people can’t on their own. Their song, “Sidewalk Corpse,”  is an ode to a societal norm that should be crushed, while their most recent release is a song about a slug and mushrooms they saw while on a hike. They cover a wide range of emotions and topics in their own way. 

Even though Gardner, the lead singer and songwriter, feels an emotional disconnect from the anger of the original Dogpatch songs like “Greasemiester,” they are still excited for the future of Dogpatch and where they will go. “We’ve gone through some genre shifts throughout the years,” Gardner states. “Dogpatch is more of a way to get out feelings of anger but also just fun songs.” 

Gardner has always used song writing to help her connect with herself and understand her own emotions. “I’ve been songwriting pretty much my whole life, but I started seriously writing songs when I came to college,” Gardner states. 

Both Gardner and Purcell have solo music that they are still releasing, even during the lull they had in Dogpatch during the pandemic. Both of them write songs that they connect to on a further level.

Though Gardener feels a disconnect with the music she wrote for Dogpatch now, the Music Dogpatch has released as of 2022 is intense and leaves the listener wanting more from them. The future of Dogpatch is bright. Tylo Gardner and Will Purcell have set a stage for themselves where they will be able to grow in their songwriting, as well as their connection with Dogpatch.