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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

Groovy Movies has been a staple of the McHenry Messenger for years. In this final installment, editor Kennedy Tetour has created the definitive list of movies and shows for the Class of 2023

Groovy Movies: The final film fest

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor May 10, 2023

Movies are some of the most memorable, enjoyable and easy to understand parts of life. They offer comfort in times of uncertainty, but can also bring back fond memories of simpler times.  This is especially...

A suspensful atmosphere with a dash of fright is what makes up Mark Mylods The Menu.

Review: It’s a little outrageous

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor January 24, 2023

Sink your teeth into the new artistic thriller that is “The Menu”.  Mark Mylod’s take on a modern style of horror flick, “The Menu” is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2022. Making...

Bright and attention grabbing animation is one of the most notable factors in the 2022 animated film The Bad Guys.

Review: Go bad or go home

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor November 17, 2022

Police sirens sound as a gang of mangey misfits exits the bank, bags full of money in hand. Their getaway car skids to a halt as all five of them pile in and escape the scene of the crime.  “The...

One of the biggest titles of the summer, Stranger Things opened its fourth season with nearly 300 million viewers  its opening weekend.

Groovy Movies: Summer recap

Kennedy Tetour, Staff Writer August 29, 2022

This past summer was one of the biggest and most anticipated summers for film. With both new and familiar titles hitting the silver screen, it got pretty overwhelming to pick what to watch. Here are...

Though the movie was released in the 1980s, the movie “Say Anything” has become a cult classic that captures the trials of teenage love and the complexities of high school.

Groovy Movies: Senior cinema

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor May 4, 2022

Over the years, pop culture has captured the stress, drama and anxiety of the end of the high school. Here are five films that seniors will relate to before they toss their caps. Some of them are funny,...

Ride your wave explores feelings of love and loss in a whimsacal story about the ocean.

Groovy Movies: There you are

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor April 25, 2022

"Ride Your Wave" is a 2019 Japanese animated film that explores themes of love, loss and what it’s like to live even when the person you love the most isn’t around anymore.  The movie follows the...

There have been many Batman films over the years, and many have felt more like a cash grab than an homage to DC’s darkest hero but “The Batman” starring Robert Patinson does the franchise justice.

Groovy Movies: I am justice

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor March 25, 2022

Warning: This review contains spoilers One of the highest anticipated films of the year “The Batman” came with a lot of speculation and concern. With a new cast, new villains, and a fresh point...

Beautiful shots and a family centric story make up for Eternals box office flop for Marvel.

Groovy Movies: When you love something, you protect it

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor March 9, 2022

“Eternals” is one of the more overlooked Marvel films, having only made $300 million in comparison to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”’s $1.69 billion. Featuring characters not many people know, and...

“The House,” an animated film on Netflix, is an eerie and mysterious tale of an old house and the many people who have lived in it.

Groovy Movies: I hate this house

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor February 17, 2022

Eerie corridors, scary dark corners, lost memories and untold stories are all things that come together to make “The House” a home.  “The House” was released on Netflix in January of this year....

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been one of the most anticipated films since the last in the series, Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019. The film goes far beyond meeting viewer expectations.

Groovy Movies: Public enemy number one

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor January 26, 2022

Warning: This review contains spoilers With three years since the dramatic ending of  “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” fans went into the newest addition to the MCU with high expectations and and even...

Summer nostalgia and a warm inviting story line make Words Bubble Up Like Sodapop a perfect film to watch as the weather gets colder.

Summer has arrived

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor November 29, 2021

“Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” is a Japanese animated film that came out in July of 2020. The film was written and directed by Kyōhei Ishiguro, who has also directed “Your Lie in April,” which...

My Best Friend is a Vampire is a funny and spooky movie that offers a fresh new story for viewers enjoy this fall.

Groovy Movies: I’m a vampire!

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor November 3, 2021

“My Best Friend is a Vampire” is a 1987 spooky teen comedy that stars a bunch of people I’ve never heard of. The film, though very odd at times, is charming and offers a fresh fall story to enjoy...

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