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“Ride Your Wave” is a heartbreaking but ever-so-sweet story that deals with themes of love, loss and what it’s like to have to move on


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“Ride your wave” explores feelings of love and loss in a whimsacal story about the ocean.

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor

“Ride Your Wave” is a 2019 Japanese animated film that explores themes of love, loss and what it’s like to live even when the person you love the most isn’t around anymore. 

The movie follows the ultimate surfer chick Hinako Mukaimizu. After moving to a new area, her apartment catches fire. Hinako gets trapped on the eighth floor of the building and her only escape is to run to the roof, surfboard in hand. She soon gets rescued by Minato Hinageshi, a young fireman who rides the aerial ladder of the firetruck. 

Hinako and Minato spend all of their time together. The next 20 or so minutes of the movie capture their loving relationship. Though overbearingly cheesy at times, it makes viewers feel an overwhelming sense of joy. This sweetness continues until Minato is caught in a surfing accident. Minato attempted to save the life of another surfer, and in a battle with aggressive waves, he ultimately lost his own. 

Hinako soon realizes she can see her dead lover in the water, but only when she sings their song. This particular moment in the movie is reminiscent of one of my all time favorites, “Ponyo,” a story about a little boy who becomes best friends with a magical fish girl. 

“Ride Your Wave” is a wonderful movie. Though it grapples with dark themes and tough stories of loss, it manages to keep an overall upbeat tone. Part of this is due to the bright colors of the animation style, though Hinako and Minato’s song, which is a bubbly song about new beginnings fittingly titled “Brand New Story,” is also a large factor in the film’s fun loving style. 

This movie will tear viewers apart as love instantly turns to loss and breaks viewers hearts into pieces. The topsy turvy story creates a much more realistic view of the world, which is something that I personally think teenagers need more of sometimes. Though this movie isn’t inappropriate in any way, the darker themes definitely steer this movie towards a teenage audience and create a perfect film for older kids going through a tough time in their lives. 

“Ride Your Wave” makes for the perfect springtime film for teens to enjoy as the school year begins to wrap up. It eases into the summer vibe and holds viewers attention with its heartbreaking plot. The sweet moments intermixed throughout the film help to ease viewers in such a stressful time, especially with the SAT and the end of the school year bearing down on teens. 

Overall, “Ride Your Wave” is a wonderful film that tackles themes that many other animated films don’t dare to touch. The movie is sweet, well put together, and well paced. It makes for a perfect film to settle down and watch within the last few weeks of the school year.