Review: Go bad or go home

The 2022 family flick “The Bad Guys” is a perfect film to enjoy with the whole family this winter


DreamWorks Animation

Bright and attention grabbing animation is one of the most notable factors in the 2022 animated film “The Bad Guys”.

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor

Police sirens sound as a gang of mangey misfits exits the bank, bags full of money in hand. Their getaway car skids to a halt as all five of them pile in and escape the scene of the crime. 

“The Bad Guys” is a 2022 animated film about fairy tales’ most diabolical bad guys. Though this movie came out in April of 2022, it just recently hit Netflix and the excitement surrounding it has kicked up yet again. The movie follows the big bad wolf and his gang of robbing ruffians as they try to steal the Golden Dolphin, an award that has never been successfully stolen by any other bad guy before. 

The animation of “The Bad Guys” is a fun, bright, and creative style that makes it hard to pull your eyes from the screen. There’s a wonderful use of color and texture that will occupy the eyes of young kids, while still offering something interesting for adults to focus on as well. In addition to a fun use of color, the movie offers some incredible, attention grabbing composition. Each scene is arranged in a fun and dynamic way that keeps the audience engaged. 

Something “The Bad Guys” does really well is character. Yes the characters are developed well and go through their fair share of changes throughout the movie, but each character is also incredibly unique in a more general sense. From the Big, Bad Wolf to the ever so fluffy Professor Marmalade, each character has their own talents, interests, and personalities. This individuality is something that a lot of movies marketed towards children have been forgetting recently. In a world of bland, cookie cutter characters, “The Bad Guys” offers well developed and rounded out characters that won’t drive parents crazy with their flat personalities.  

When it comes to music, the bad guys really hits the nail on the head. The sometimes unnoticeable music offers a nice environment without drilling the same annoying songs into viewers’ heads for days. The mix of the score and soundtrack blends perfectly to create a fun atmosphere that won’t drive parents crazy, but will have kids bobbing their heads to some jazzy songs sung by a fish. 

All in all, “The Bad Guys” is a fun family film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Little kids, teenagers, and parents alike will love this movie about silly animals who need to learn a life lesson. Between the colorful animation style, jazzy music, and interesting characters, “The Bad Guys” is the perfect movie for viewers to enjoy with their whole family this winter.