Falling into success

MCHS hosts this year’s Upper Campus fall play, ‘The Man Who Came To Dinner’

Students prepare at their final dress rehersals for the Upper Campus fall play, “The Man Who Came to Dinner”

Lydia Lawrence, Staff Writer

Lights and laughter fill the Upper Campus’ auditorium as the actors step out onto the stage. The new year brings new excitement and new actors to the stage. Whether a cast or crew member, the excitement of beginning a new play to the stage has not worn off!

“The Man Who Came To Dinner” is coming to MCHS’s Upper Campus’s auditorium Nov. 11-13. The actors and crew have been preparing for this play since Sep. 2. Artistic director Kilea McCant says they have all collectively made it a worthwhile experience, saying, “It is so incredibly entertaining and hilarious. I 100% recommend everyone come and see it!”

In the play, “The Man Who Came To Dinner” Sheridan Whiteside, a widely known radio celebrity who accepts a dinner invite from a couple to their house in Mesalia, Ohio in the 1930’s. The man injures himself and must stay at their house for a while to rest. Although he is a well known, brilliant radio star who has an audience that looks up to him, he’s a different person behind closed doors. 

In order to get a great result it takes a lot of preparation and dedication from everyone involved for these plays to be able to come alive. “Directing any show is a challenge, honestly. It requires you to know the text inside and out,” says Andrew Hillier, the director of the Upper Campus fall play. 

To help this play run smoother, Kilea McCants is recognized as the artistic director. “What I do is help the director with anything they need,” says McCants, “I love working with everyone and getting to share my experiences with them to help them grow throughout the show.” 

Bonding is mandatory to the participants of the school play. Student actress Paulina Borowski says, “This play has some significance from all the memories that I’ve made with all the actors, I wouldn’t want any other cast! Truly something I will remember.” 

Being able to participate in any play is a great way to connect with people and make friends. Hillier states, “We do acting games or exercises that students tend to enjoy and even the rehearsal process itself leads to silly jokes and laughter.” 

At the end of the day, MCHS’s Upper Campus’s theater cast is more than just a cast. They find the time to connect and grow bonds with one another. Although it’s great to know who you’re working with, this fall’s play is complex and requires time to understand and execute it correctly. Hard Work, balance and dedication being some of the main qualities that go into making a play run smoothly on the stage. 

Smiles are on the actors faces as they bow for their show, gracious applause and laughter still filing through the air. Making friends and building connections is a main part of putting on a production and being able to put on a show for an audience is the cherry on top.