Gallery: Battle of the Bands

MCHS’s musicians marked the end of the school year by taking the stage during the annual Battle of the Bands

Students perform at the Battle of the Bands on May 14 in the Upper Campus Main Gym.

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Manager

Battle of the bands was held on Friday, May 13, in the Upper Campus gym. Standalone, NyghtStryke, Shipwrecked, Weeping Woods and the notorious Staff Infection performed and competed for a recording session at Siren Records.

“[Battle of the bands] is a Student Council run event that is an awesome showcase for the musical talents of our students,” says Curtis Menke, lead singer of Staff Infection, “With battle of the bands you’ll go there and see students that you’ll never see at any other kind of school event, but just everyones there and it’s a blast.”

Standalone, the winning band, came together for this event a week prior. Singer and guitarist Vic Camacho heard band members Emberlin Carlson and Molara Fashola perform stand alones in choir concerts.

I was just amazed by how talented they both were. That’s when I immediately decided that I wanted them in my band, although I had less than a week to prepare,” says Camacho. “After that, I invited them to practice in the Music room on May 10th, for the very first time. It wasn’t only our first time practicing, but also our first time meeting. It will definitely be a day to remember.”

At the event, not only bands played. Soloists, such as Angelica Frank and Bee Myers, played a few songs in between bands.

Standalone won first prize at the event, earning a recording session at siren records as well as an 80 dollar cash prize. NyghtStryke was first runner up, earning praise and applause from their friends and families.