Messenger Mixtape Track 07: “Alien Blues” by Vundabar

What tunes are the staff of the McHenry Messenger listening to? This week, Vundabar and their alt-rock song “Alien Blues”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Music keeps us going here at the Messenger, and with this newest installment of the Messenger Mixtape that continues to ring true. Submitted by features editor Alayna Majkrzak, alternative rock track “Alien Blues” by Boston native band Vundabar.

In large, the 2010’s and early 2020’s have been a renaissance in indie music, from bedroom pop to alternative rock, and this 2015 release reflects that very well. The emotional, and at times, self-deprecating lyrics reflect a general mood in the genre and its poetic value is not to be left unmentioned. 

The lyrics, filled with metaphor and imagery, can be argued to be meaningless, but I think quite the contrary. The instrumentation is jarring and almost panicked and I think the lyrics, in their manic nature, reflect this and work in perfect harmony with the instruments.

“I like that all of the words don’t make sense together,” said Majkrzak, “but somehow they still work together? I have no actual reason besides the fact I love it.”

I think this statement reflects music as a whole in the current age. Vibes are all that really matters, and while the lyrics aren’t necessarily happy-go-lucky, the vibe that “Alien Blues” goes for is definitely achieved with flying colors.

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