Messenger Mixtape Track 08: “Void” by Ronen

What tunes are the staff of the McHenry Messenger listening to? This week, Ronen and their 2010’s style hip hop track “Void”

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The newest track on the Messenger’s mind is a textbook 2010’s hip hop record that encapsulates the emphasis on emotional lyrics and dark production. This week’s track is “Void” by Ronen, a 2019 release, submitted by Business Director Lydia Lawrence

The song employs vocal layering that is commonplace for this sub genre, having dark, harmonic vocals that make the song feel big. This, paired with guitar led production, with deep drums makes a minimalist song that still feels cinematic. 

Lyrics are about feeling lonely, not having anywhere to go, etc. The artist executes this topic very well using chord progressions and his voice is very powerful. There are lots of backing vocals on the latter half of the song which again, adds to its cinematic value. Calm track, and yet it manages to feel big in scale.

Production is deep and dark, with heavy drums and whispered chords that add to the mood. Additionally they compliment the vocals by surrounding them with minimalist, but powerful instrumentation.

All in all, it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into 2010’s hip hop.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify: